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How did Gucci, L'Oreal, and Sephora digitally transform customer service?

Grant Kim

The only way for a customer service representative to understand the overall customer status and purchasing activity online or offline is in the form of numerical data and charts.

Currently, there is a limit to intuitively viewing detailed information of visiting customers, such as the status of all customers visiting the online shopping mall, usage behavior of individual customers, purchase status, purchase history, and customer sentiment status at a glance. 

Powerfront, an Australian customer service company, is a customer service that allows you to intuitively view customer information, not text and numerical data, but to individual customers in the form of avatars, customer personal information, purchase status, and customer feelings. It provides an inside solution.


Founded in 2001, PowerFront launched Inside, a customer service based on virtual avatars in 2015. Since the launch of the solution, it has been used by luxury brands in the fashion and beauty sectors such as Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Gucci, Valentino and Balenciaga since 2016.

Inside analyzes customer information currently visiting online shopping malls and shows the customer status in the form of a virtual avatar to show customer flow at a glance. The status of visiting customers is displayed in the color form of virtual avatars as blue avatars for new visitors, yellow for returning visitors, and green for login customers.

The virtual avatar shows the customer rating of the current store, the purchase history, the product in the shopping cart, as well as the emotional state, so that detailed information of individual customers can be easily grasped.

For example, the avatar below is a VIP customer with a previous purchase history as a returning customer who has accessed from overseas with a bag with a flag displayed. I am interested in high-heeled shoes, so I still look at high-heeled shoes, and I have watches and other products in my shopping cart. The emotional state of the customer shows that it is not good to wait for 1 minute and 20 seconds to wait for customer consultation.


The current customer's emotional state is shown in five forms based on customer data and behavior. In the basic state, if the emotion is not good, the ears emit smoke, the heart rises when he is happy, the body is tightly tied with a rope when it is difficult, and if he is cheating, the emotional state is expressed as a pirate.