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Project Reference : KPU Project (Daewoo Information System)

System Administrator

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Project Summary

Project Period : August 2016 ~ November 2016


Region : Korea 

Client Industry : Education 

Project Type : Offshore Development


Project Detail :

Current UI Conversion and Java Code Conversion from in-house framework to e-Government Framework 

System Architecture : 

IDU NGISSystem Implementation

 [eGovt Framework, NexaCro, HTML5, J2EE, Spring MVC, iBatis, Jquery, Jason, Oracle]


Project Member : Htet Myat Khin, Su Su Aung, Su Shune Lei, Soe Sandar Oo, Thin Myat Sandi, Soe Ye Aung, Lin Lin , Ei Phyu Sin, Zin Mar Win

Project Status:  Complete