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Remote Risk Dialogue

Grant Kim

(France) AXA XL launches remote risk assessment service “Remote Risk Dialogue” (2020.04)

Launched a new service, “Remote Risk Dialogue”, which analyzes risks remotely in a situation where customer visits are limited due to the COVID-19 crisis


Remote Risk Dialogue is a service that remotely identifies customer's latest risk information through data registered on phone calls, web pages, reports, etc., and delivers it to insurance companies, agents, and brokers.


Speaking about the new service, Corinne Vitrac, Chief Executive of AXA XL Risk Consulting, said: “With restrictions on delivering surveys and carrying out client visits globally, we’ve had to think of new ways of supporting our clients to manage their risks.”


“Remote Risk Dialogue allows us to continue to interpret clients’ data and assess any potential new risks. For example, in response to COVID-19 some clothing manufacturers have started to manufacture masks, alcoholic beverage producers are making hand sanitizer while some domestic appliance manufacturers are making medical devices. These changes to operations and output bring about new risks. Identifying, managing and mitigating these risks is key and we are proud to be standing alongside our clients to support them in adapting and innovating in these challenging times.”

 (USA) Babylon offers digital healthcare services to New Yorkers through partnership with Mount Sinai Health (2020.05)


 ◦ Babylon, which provides telemedicine through a mobile app, provides healthcare services to all New Yorkers who are enrolled in the New York State insurance system.


-Mount Sinal Health has an extensive medical network with eight hospital facilities in several states, including Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.


-New Yorkers can use health care services such as health information updates, suspicious symptoms testing, real-time chat with medical staff, and video medical consultation through the Babylon App


◦ Babylon's CEO Ali Parasa said, “While New Yorkers are facing the most medical crisis in the world, Babylon will provide health care for all New Yorkers at any time.”