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(UK) Insutech Enterprise EIS provides Insutech platform for insurance companies to design new generation insurance products

Grant Kim


LONDON, May 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EIS, a core and digital platform provider for insurers, today announces its entry to the UK market. The San Francisco-based insurtech has launched its coretech platform in the UK to help domestic insurers offer a new generation of insurance products and services in response to changing consumer habits and an evolving regulatory landscape. 

“For the insurance company of the future, providing the right cover and good service to policyholders are table stakes,” says Tony Grosso, Head of Marketing at EIS, “The real winners will be those who can move beyond protection and operate in an ecosystem of value with other, non-insurance providers.” 

In fact, a recent EIS poll of UK insurance providers and insurtechs showed that 1 in 3 respondents identified “moving beyond protection to deliver more value to customers” as the most important objective for the insurer of the future.

In response to the wave of innovation in the UK insurance sector, 75% of insurers are leaving legacy technology behind in favour of more dynamic and flexible ‘as a service’ models. EIS aims to help UK carriers with the introduction of its coretech platform, which, unlike modern legacy technology, allows insurers to rapidly create and deploy new and innovative products and services via open APIs. This new, flexible platform allows insurance companies to operate seamlessly with insurtechs and other providers to deliver lifestyle solutions beyond protection to consumers. 

With customers at the heart of the EIS platform, insurers globally can now take a personalised approach to their customer experience by recognising and engaging customers as a whole, across all their insurance needs, rather than individual policy numbers.

“The agility and flexibility of the platform will be invaluable to UK insurers as they look to adapt to and sync regulatory changes post-Brexit and the demands of the market,” says Tony. EIS is already helping forward-thinking insurance businesses in EMEA, North America and APAC.

“As we enter the UK market, we see a high demand for innovative approaches to insurance. More so than other markets,” said Olivier Vayesse, Senior Vice President, EMEA at EIS. “EIS has been resourceful in responding to this demand. One example is a local initiative where we are developing an intelligent digital ecosystem to enable insurers to take a more radical approach to transformation, offering a greenfield platform for transitioning away from legacy technology.” 

“EIS is committed to expansion in the UK market, creating jobs and revenue opportunities, in conjunction with our partner program,” Olivier continued.