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How do you think of your boss? 2020

Your Direct Boss is *

Your Role is *

My Boss takes care of my work to complete on time *

My boss encourages me to complete work on time *

My boss is very responsible person *

Your boss proves himself/herself and show how to work always as a leader *

Your boss is very eager to teach you how to do *

Your boss teaches you in this way *

Do you think it is effective *

Any Suggestion if you think it is Not effective

Your boss gives you good enough explanation on all the task assigned *

Your boss tries to listen you always *

You talk with your boss for every matter if you have problem *

if you don't talk much to your boss, is there any issues or limitation ? , then please add here

Your boss knows our SW development Process ( or Our Dept Working Process ) well *

Your boss or PM shares project status with team well *

My boss Track and follow up project issues well *

Boss's Knowledge is good enough to do his work and his project *

If there is any lack of skill/knowledge, please suggest here

Your boss always complete his/her work on time *

Your boss' work output is good enough for team and his project work *

I know my performance indicator ( KPI ) well *

I know my team's performance indicator (KPI) well *

I know company direction well *

I know how company is going on *

Why do you think like that

What is Your KPI for this Year ? *

What is Team KPI for this year ? *

Your boss' strong points are

Do you recommend your boss to improve this parts ?

Company Wise, communication (sharing information about company) is Good enough ?

Any suggestion to Your boss

Any suggestion to Company

Any suggestion to MD