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Survey On Leadership

My Direct Leader is

My Role is

My Leader also take care of my work to complete on time

My Leader encourage me to complete work on time

My Leader is very responsible person

My leader prove himself and show how to work always as a leader

My leader is very eager to teach me how to do

My leader teach me this way

Do you think it is effective

Any Suggestion if you think it is Not effective

My leader give us good enough explantion on Task assigned

My leader try to listen always

I talk with My leader for every matter if I have problem

if you don't talk much , is there any issue

My leader knows our SW development Process  ( or Our Dept Working Process )  and Domain well

My leader Track and follow up issues well

Leader Knowledge is good enough to do his work and his project

If there is any lack of skill/knowledge, please suggest here

My leader always complete his work on Time

Your leader's work output is good enough for team and his project work

My leader's strong point are

Do you recommend your leader to improve this part

Company Wise, Communication (sharing information) is Good enough

Any suggestion to your leader